Blood Bowl League

The Original Fantasy Football

Casual Play and Meetup Every Saturday 12 pm - 4 pm

Come on in and play some friendly Blood Bowl!  League is under way, but newcomers are always welcome to hop on in and give our local teams a try!

Cost of entry into the Spring 2017 League is $20. What you get for your league entry is:
No Cover when you play Blood Bowl in store during the Spring 2017 League.
Access to store paints, brushes and tips to paint your teams.
10% off all Special Order Blood Bowl Merchandise

How the League works:
Each player must play each other player twice over the course of the league in Competition Matches. These can take place in any order, at any time. The Saturdays are a convenient way for players to meet up and play their games, but you can play anyone else at any time during the week (we’ll have a system in place for league players to communicate with one another and arrange meetups at the store). During Competition Play Gold, Star Player Points, League Points and Injuries/Casualties are garnered. These must take place in store and staff must be present for all Post Match results.
Exhibition matches, called Friendlies, are encouraged, where players play in non-competitive matches over the course of the league. While these do not earn you League Points, you can earn additional Gold, Star Player Points, and accrue Injuries/Casualties.

League Standings

Points Race Team Coach Team Value Games Played
7 Skaven Rats What She Said Andrew P. 1,100,000 gp 4
5 Skaven Wrecking Rats Robert A. 1,040,000 gp 3
4 Human Blank Miles W. 1,080,000 gp 2
3 Orks Orcland Raiders Max M. 1,050,000 gp 4
0 Dwarves Diabetes 69ers Adam B. 930,000 gp 1
0 Orks Blank Ian C. 1,000,000 gp 0
0 Humans Reikland Reavers Edwin R. 1,000,000 gp 0
0 Dwarves Dwarf Giants James P. 1,000,000 gp 0

League All Stars
(Temporarily Down)

Click here for the Teams of Legend Rules